September 10, 2021

Back-to-School Apartment Hunting

Looking for an apartment during back-to-school season can be stressful for students. There’s already enough to worry about with organizing class schedules, meeting new profs, and lamenting the loss of your summer vacation. To ensure your new home is compatible with your student life, consider these qualities when apartment hunting! Convenience of Location The location...

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August 11, 2021

Things To Discuss With Your Roommate Before You Move In

Shouldering the cost of rent is tough to do on your own. Why not cut the bill in half by sharing your apartment with a roommate? Like any relationship in your life, be it with a friend, family member, or partner, communication is essential. When you share a space with someone, unresolved issues can make...

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July 19, 2021

Things You Should Do Right After Moving Into An Apartment

You’ve just carried the last box into your apartment. Finally, you can put a wrap on moving day! You’re ready to order a pizza and call it a night. You know that you need to unpack some boxes and set up your bed for a long night of rest. But what are the other things...

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