December 13, 2020


Comparing Apartments: How To Find A Home You’ll Love

The idea of living on your own? Very exciting! Finding the perfect place that has everything you need? That’s a little more daunting. What if you’ve found a couple of apartments that both seem like the best deal, and you can’t choose between them? In that case, you’ll need to thoroughly compare them to find...

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November 30, 2020

Winnipeg Property Management Firm Announces Their New Exclusive Project Uptown Lofts

Winnipeg, Canada - Globe Property Management, a Canadian property management firm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is delighted to announce its latest project: Uptown Lofts. The firm, which specializes in multi-family high-rise properties, is excited by the potential of Uptown Lofts, which is set in the beautiful and sought-after River Heights neighbourhood.  The new loft-style...

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November 13, 2020


Take Control of Your Comfort at Home

2020 has been a year comprised of guidelines to follow and rules to abide by. The same can be said about rentals. There are many aspects of your rental that you cannot control (moving walls, painting, etc.). But what about the things that you can control? Your level of comfort, perhaps? Just because your situation...

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