Conditions And Requirements To Qualify For The Refer A Friend Promotion

Refer-A-Friend promotion may be cancelled at any time without notice.

To earn your $200.00 towards your rent for each approved applicant you refer within approved buildings, the following restrictions apply:

Applicant requirements:

  • In order to qualify for this promotion, referrer information must be submitted as part of a completed rental application, at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be a new customer to Globe Property Management, signing a lease of at least 1 year (12 months) in duration.
  • Applicant must be applying to live in a building within the designated Refer A Friend portfolio

Referer requirements:

  • Must be a current Globe tenant with accounts in good standing, with monthly rent being paid on the first day of each and every month throughout the term of your lease
  • You agree that the $200 credit will be rescinded and/or repayable should the following happen:
    • Tenant and/or referred tenant break their lease;
    • Tenant and/or referred tenant fall into arrears;
    • Tenant and/or referred tenant does not pay rent when due;
    • Tenant and/or referred tenant have a returned rent payment due to insufficient funds, funds not cleared, stop payment, etc;
    • Tenant and/or referred tenant are in breach of any of the terms of their Lease Agreement

    The $200.00 credit will be applied to your rent after the referred tenant takes possession of their suite.