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Huntington Place After Renovations

On May 25th 2014 , Huntington Place, located in Northeast Edmonton, was evacuated due to a fire in a fourth floor suite. Fire and police officials were immediately called to the scene and were able to contain the fire.  Thankfully, the building was safely evacuated and there were no injuries reported. The damage that was done to the fourth floor was enough that it would take months to renovate. We extend our thanks and gratitude to the fire and emergency services personnel for their rapid response, and to the Red Cross for offering emergency shelter and assistance to our tenants. Huntington Place has now completed renovations and suites are ready to rent! The suites include:

  • Balcony
  • Cable Hookup
  • Carpeting
  • Dishwasher
  • Elevator
  • Fridge
  • Laundry On-site
  • Manager On-site
  • Outdoor Parking Available
  • Sauna
  • Security Entrance
  • Stove
  • Vinyl Flooring

4 6512k kk We are so grateful for all the support and kind words we have received over the past year and we are so excited to show you the new suites at Huntington Place. For more information, or to schedule a viewing, contact us

How to Keep a Clean Home

We had to share this wonderful graphic from Design Sponge that gives us tips on how to keep your space clean and tidy!

Below, find simple ways to keep your home functional, beautiful, and working to meet the needs of you and the people around you.

Whether you’re just spraying down your counters or getting down and dirty with your tile floors, it’s always true that chipping away a little bit every day always makes things a little easier. So I hope this starter guide will help you feel more in control of things at home and help make messes feel less overwhelming. Remember: no one, and no home, is perfect. If you can only get to one of these things on this list, it’s better than none. And it gets you one step closer to feeling like you can come home, drop your bags at the door and feel relaxed and calm” -Grace Bonney (Design Sponge)


Five Packing Tips to Make Your Move Much Easier!

We all know packing can be a hassle when moving. Here are five tips to make packing that much easier and efficient so you can settle in to your new home faster!


1. Pack all the things you will need first in a clear plastic bin.


When you move into your new apartment, chances are you won’t feel like unpacking all of your things just yet. Pack your essentials in one clear bin so there is easy access to the things you’ll need right away. This includes things like a box cutter, garbage bags, toilet paper, and eating utensils.


2. Wrap your glassware in clothing to save on wrapping.


Wrap your dishes in sweaters, and your glasses in socks, clean of course! This will save you money and space! Not to mention provide a cushion for your breakables!


3. Label your boxes by contents and by room!

2012 10 08_5070

While labeling what’s in the box is important, labeling what room it goes into when your moving will make the moving and unpacking process feel more manageable. Also, remember to label the sides of the boxes, not the tops. This way, if the boxes are stacked, you can still identify them.


4. Take a photo of your electronics to remember where all the wires go.


Let’s face it, we’re not all tech savvy! Taking a photo of your electronic will only make things easier when setting them up again, but it will also save you time!


5. Pack your closet with the hangers!


Keeping the hangers on while packing not only allows for faster packing, but can make for a much faster unpacking when it’s time!

Five Tips When Decorating Your New Apartment!

We all know decorating an apartment can be a difficult task.  As a renter, there are certain rules you must follow, and while abiding by the building’s rules is important, customizing and styling your new home to your liking is just as valuable!

Here are five tips to help you make this new transition into your home, while also working within the boundaries of your landlord!


1. Storage! Lots of Storage!


Most rentals provide significant storage throughout the units, but to maximize your new home’s potential, add your own standing storage like bookshelves!


2. A Dose of Greenery!


Even though our apartments don’t allow pets, it doesn’t mean you can have these wonderful living things! Indoor plants are a great way to bring light and life into a room! Try a potted succulent or a trendy air plant to get you started!


3. Invest in Rugs!

interior-apartment-wonderful-white-furry-area-rugs-ideas-with-comfy-gray-remarkable-furry-area-rugs (1)

Bringing a textured accent rug into your new home can bring life to the ordinary carpet that runs throughout the apartment. Rugs are also a great way to control noise, especially in some of our older buildings with hardwood floors.


4. Let There Be Light!


Lighting not only sets the mood for your space, but the fixtures can also act as art pieces! Floor lamps are great because they are a great accent to a room and they’re easy to move from place to place!


5. Accessorize to Match your Personality!

Whether it’s pillows, wall art, or simply the possessions you surround yourself with, remember to make it your own. Get creative with your new space!